Roger Hinchliffe

ROGER HINCHLIFFE lived nearly 30 years in Stockholm, where he spent a great deal of time translating, performing, and recording his English recreations of several dozen of Sweden's most beloved popular songs. He took on Carl Michael Bellman, Evert Taube, Nils Ferlin, Povel Ramel (they said it couldn't be done!), Cornelis Vreeswijk, Ulf Lundell, Mikael Wiehe, Birger Sjöberg, Dan Andersson, Tove Jansson, Hasse&Tage, Olle Adolphson and others - taking their immortal tunes onto the world's stages in new linguistic costumes.

He completed 16 tours completed 20 tours (most recently in 2014) appearing in over 120 concerts from Boston to New York to Savannah to Santa Fe to Chicago to Minneapolis to Hilton Head to Montclair State to San Francisco to San Diego State to Bowdoin to Worcester to Rockford to Tacoma to St Croix to Milwaukee to Cambridge MN to Cambridge MA to Duluth to Toronto to Seattle to Portland OR to Portland ME to Lexington MA to Ithaca to Phoenix, then back to New York and Chicago and Minneapolis and everywhere else all over tours of the UK and Finland...

In between time Roger performed all over Sweden, was a fixture on radio and TV and was knighted "Sweden's Roving Ambassador of Popular Music" on a Swedish TV show. And he got rave reviews from both sides of the Atlantic. "No one has ever put together a more comprehensive, high-quality anthology of Swedish popular songs" wrote Swedish-American performer and Professor Ann Charlotte Harvey at San Diego State University. "This is clearly a labor of love, and no one could have done it better!"

"Ingenious translations, elegant arrangements, phenomenal musicianship!" Musik och Ljud, Stockholm

"Before Roger Hinchliffe nobody was capable of adequately portraying the astounding depth and genius of Sweden's greatest troubadours and songwriters. Not only his translations, but also his vocal interpretations, are second to none." Anders Neumuller, CEO, Swedish Press, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Over 25 concert and TV videos from Sweden and the USA, dozens of audio files and memorabilia from Povel Ramel, Pete Seeger, Silvio Rodriguez and many others are available on Roger’s website, Ten videos from Roger's concerts are available on Just search "Roger Hinchliffe".