SKAP supports members in work-related matters. SKAP negotiates standard contracts, offers its members legal and financial advice as well as discounted insurance. SKAP has three member-owned apartments, one in southern Spain, one in Paris and one in New York, where members can go for work and recreation.

Are you a professional music creator, but not yet a member of SKAP? You can become a member of SKAP if you have been a member of Stim (or another Performing Rights Society) for at least three years. All applications for membership are considered by the board, where decisions are based on a number of different criteria related to the applicant's professional acivities. To apply to join SKAP, contact the SKAP office: +46 8 783 88 00 or info [at]

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Johan Hammarbäck

Ansvarig medlemsverksamhet samt pris- och stipendieverksamhet
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