SKAP in Europe

SKAP and Chairman Alfons Karabuda holds presidency of ECSA - The European Composer & Songwriter Alliance.


ECSA is an international non-profit organization, registered under Belgian law with an office in Flagey, Brussels. As a professional organization, the alliance principal mission is to represent and to lobby for the interests of Europe’s composers and songwriters.

ECSA was launched on 7th of March 2007 at the Theatro Circo Price in Madrid. The aim was to form a single voice representing the interests of composers and songwriters towards the EU and the music industry. Today, the alliance represents 36 organizations in 28 European countries, all regrouped among the three pillars of ECSA:

  • APCOE: Alliance of Popular Music Composer Organizations in Europe
  • FFACE: Federation of Film and Audiovisual Music Composers in Europe
  • ECF: European Composers’ Forum (Classic and Contemporary music composers)

ECSA is member of the UNESCO partner IMC - International Music Council, where SKAP and ECSA chairman Alfons Karabuda is member of the board, and is a partner of the European House for Culture.