SKAP på MaMA 2014

SKAP:s ordförande Alfons Karabuda deltar i en keynote session under MaMA 2014 i Paris.

Ur programmet:

The case for general interest

In a music industry dominated by private and corporate interests, several countries such as France, Germany or the Netherlands have adopted schemes, initiatives and even legislations that benefit the music community at large rather than specific groups. Is "general interest" a legitimate concept? What kind of initiatives could fall into this scheme?Can its scope and reach be widened? Is there room for more initiatives of "general interest", especially at a pan-European level? Could initiatives of "general interest" help the music industry weather the transformations required by the digital revolution? And how could these initiatives be financed? Experts and professionals from different sides of the industry and from different countries assess the case for "general interest".

Inbjudna talare:
Alfons Karabuda, Composer / President, ECSA (Sweden)
Charles Caldas, CEO, Merlin (UK)
John Kennedy, Chair, Music Export Growth Scheme / Co-organiser, Live Aid/Live 8 (UK)
Dieter Gorny, former President, European Music Office (Germany)
Bruno Lion, CEO, Peermusic France / President, Tous Pour La Musique (France)
Peter Smidt, Managing Director, Buma Cultuur/Eurosonic/Noordeslag (Netherlands)

Emmanuel Legrand, Journalist/Blogger, Legrand Network (UK)

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17 oktober 2014

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