Roman Andrén

Roman Andrén, born 1976, song-writer, producer, pianist and singer. He started making musik in end of the 90's, playing and co-writing songs in a soul band called "The Soular System". Later he wanted to make an album of his own and got the idea for "Ambessa's Dream" in the early 2000. 2004 it was finalized and released through blue beat productions, Malmö. He immediately started working on the next project, "Juanita" wich he dedicated to a daughter even though he didnt have one at the time. However, in 2006, she arrived and in 2007 the album "juanita" was released world wide through ajabu! (Malmö) and P-Vine (Japan). "Juanita" featured among many others legendary Lars Erstrand on vibes, Emmett North Jr, guitar, who played on Barry White & Isaac Hayes albums in the late seventies and early 80's, Rafael Sida on percussion to name a few. A ten piece horn section was arranged by saxophone player Mats 'Silver' Nordenborg, who also played on the album and a choir intro by Ingela Jansson. All songs written and produced by Roman. The album aimed for a 60's cool latin soundscape, and contained songs like bumblebee and O Mundo é seu, wich led to a 12" vinyl with remix and original on soundscape records. "Juanita" went well in Japan and the japanese label suggested a studio-live album, wich led to the making of "Juanita & Beyond - Live Studio Sessions", in only two months it was recorded, produced and mixed by Roman, containing various Swedish jazz musicians, specially in the Malmö area but also musicians from Stockholm. Jazz vocalist Miriam Aïda and saxophone player Fredrik Kronkvist guested the album, aswell as fenomenal drummer Zoltan Csörsz Jr, Percussionist Joselo Orellana, Bassist Johnny Åman, and guitarist Elias Källvik, to name a few, all of them sprung from the heart of jazz in Malmö. "Juanita & Beyond" was released primarily in Japan, but also avaliable in europe and USA. One thing led to another and in the summer of 2009, Roman Andrén band played at Cotton Club, Tokyo, with a great responce following.
Thereafter Roman started working on his fourth album, "Color Green" wich was released through ajabu! and P-Vine in 2010, back to the more afro-influential moods and grooves of Ambessa's Dream, but also incorporating some new elements in the mix, aswell as brasilian rythyms yet again. Staffan Hallgren on flute, yet again Zoltan Csörsz Jr on drums, Joselo Orellana on percussion, Johnny Åman on bass, Sussie Ottebring on vocals, adding Magnus Lindeberg on guitar, Inge Petersson on sax, Obi "C" Agor on vocals and narration, and Atlanta singer Harold Rolle. In all some fifteen people, brass, strings, vocals and more.
In February 2011 a fifth album, "Lovin' You" was released. A cover album featuring soul/jazz/brazil classics in latinjazz style. And in Mars 2012 a sixth album hits the streets, "Cabra Negra" - 10 new songs and two covers in cuban/latin style. Cabra Negra is a trio-project including Joselo Orellana on percussion, Johnny Åman on Double Bass and Roman Andrén on acoustic piano.

2012: "Cabra Negra"
2011: "Lovin' You"
2010: "Color Green"
2008: "Juanita & Beyond: Studio Live Sessions"
2007: "Juanita"
2004: "Ambessa's Dream"

2011: "Haven't We Met?" (Compilation)
2011: "Urban Sound Cruise" (Compilation)
2010: "Next Message From The Man 2" (Compilation)
2010: "Music To Make You Beautiful" (Compilation)
2010: "Sweet Voices Of Jazz Vol. 2" (Compilation)
2010: "When Lounge Meets Oldies Vol. 2" (Compilation)
2009: "Singin' On Sunday" (Compilation)
2009: "Soul Unsigned Vol 3." (Compilation)
2009: "Next Message From The Man" (Compilation)
2009: "Sweet Voices Of Jazz" (Compilation)
2008: "Joyful Grooves" (Compilation)

Movie Scores:
2011: "Eddie" (Lavette Film)
2007: "Tunna Väggar" (Lavette Film)
2005: "Vitriol" (Lavette Film)

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