SKAP och 107 Europeiska kulturskaparorganisationer i massivt upprop

I dag skickar Skap – liksom Teaterförbundet, Författarförbundet, Dramatikerförbundet, Läromedelsförfattarna, Rättighetsbolaget, Sveriges Filmregissörer och ytterligare 101 av Europas upphovsrättsliga intresseorganisationer – ut ett öppet brev till alla EU-parlamentariker och Europeisk media i ett massivt upprop inför den stundande omröstningen om det nya upphovsrättsdirektivet. Brevet går att ladda ner i sin originalform som pdf här men följer även nedan:

A Europe Fit for the next generation of creators
European Authors’ open letter in support of the Copyright Directive

A Europe Fit for the next generation of creators European Authors’ open letter in support of the Copyright Directive Dear Member of the European Parliament, The undersigned organisations of authors – representing hundreds of thousands of voters who are writers, screenwriters, filmmakers, composers and songwriters – urge you to seize this once in a decade opportunity and support the successful adoption of the Copyright Directive.

Since the last European elections, the European Commission, the European Parliament and Member States concluded that the European Union needed to modernise copyright in the Digital Age. Included in this debate was a conviction of the need to strengthen Europe’s authors by addressing the systemic weak bargaining position in negotiating contracts, and promoting fair remuneration.

Authors are at the very origin of the copyright value chain for Europe’s cultural and creative industries, which produce EUR 509 billion in value added to GDP, provide 7.5 % of the EU’s work force and significantly contribute to the EU economy in terms of employment, investment, growth, innovation and competitiveness on a global scale. Yet for the vast majority of authors, their careers are barely sustainable and poorly remunerated. The Parliament has played a decisive role in insisting that the Copyright Directive address this anomaly and has significantly improved the various provisions in the Directive which will benefit authors, and which we have supported.

Throwing the Directive away now would not only reverse the European Parliament’s work to support authors but also be an unprecedented setback for all creators in Europe. Abandoning the Directive now would be a major victory for the major international players who ignore the damage caused to the creative industries by their dominant position and refuse the harmonisation and inclusion of basic standards of transparency and fairness in EU copyright legislation.

This Directive concerns the future of Europe’s cultures. The European Parliament played a key role in the negotiations ensuring future generations’ access to freedom of expression.

Please – adopt the Directive and send a strong signal to the future generations who want to write, compose, create so that they can be fairly remunerated. 

Sincerely yours, 

1. ACE, Spanish Writers’ Association, Spain - Manuel Rico Rego - President 
2. ADA, Austrian Directors Association, Austria - Jacob Groll and Jenny Gand - Co-chair 
3. ALMA, The Spanish Writers Guild, Spain - Alberto Macias - President 
4. AMA, Autores de Musica Asociados, Spain - Javier de Juan - President 
5. ANAC, Associazione Nazionale dei Autori Cinematografici, Italy - Francesco Ranieri Martinotti - President 
6. APR, ASSOCIAÇÃO PORTUGUESA DE REALIZADORES, Portugal - Filipa Reis - President 
7. ARRF, Association des Réalisateurs et Réalisatrices de Films, Belgium - André Buytaers - Administrator 
8. ARF/FDS - Swiss Filmmakers Association, Switzerland - Barbara Miller - President 
9. Asociace spisovatelů, The Czech Writers Association, Czech Republic - Ondřej Lipár - Chairman 
10. Association of Catalan Language Writers, Catalonia-Spain - Bel Olid Báez - President 
11. Association des Auteurs de l'Audiovisuel (ASA), Belgium, Frédéric Castadot - President 
12. Associazione dell'Autorialità Cinetelevisiva, 100autori, Italy - Stefano Sardo - President 
13. BAFTRS, Bulgarian Association of the Film, Theater and Radio Scriptwriters, Bulgaria, President - Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev 
14. BAM!, Dutch Songwriters Society, Netherlands - Pieter Perquin - Chair 
15. BASCA, British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors - United Kingdom - Crispin Hunt - Chair 
16. Bundesverband Regie e. V., Germany - Susann Reck, Marie Noelle, Axel Schill Bettina Schoeller-Bouju & Cornelia Grünberg, Executive Board 
17. CC Composers Club e.V., Germany - John Groves - President 
18. Croatian Film Directors' Guild, Croatia - Danilo Šerbedžija, President 
19. The Danish Composers’ Society, Denmark - Bent Sørensen - President 
20. The Danish Authors Society, Denmark - Morten Visby - Chairman 
21. The Danish Writers Guild, Denmark - Anders Busk - Kommunikationskonsulent 
22. Danske Filminstruktører/Danish Film Directors, Denmark - Christina Rosendahl, President 
23. Deutscher Komponistenverband, Germany - Dr. Enjott Schneider- President 
24. DGCY, Directors Guild of Cyprus, Cyprus - Daina Papadaki, President 
25. The Directors Guild of Slovenia - Slovenia - Urša Menart 
26. Directors UK, United Kingdom - Andrew Chowns, CEO & Steve Smith, Chair 
27. DJBFA, Composers and songwriters, Denmark - Susi Hyldgaard chairman and Anna Lidell vice chairman 
28. Drehbuchverband Austria, Austrian Screenwriter Association, Austria - Christian Neubacher 
29. DSR, Directors Guild of Slovenia, Slovenia - Urša Menart, Chair 
30. DSR Screenwriters, Slovenia - Matevž Luzar 
31. Dutch Directors Guild, The Netherlands - Martijn Winkler - Chairman 
32. Dutch Writers Guild, The Netherlands, Maria Vlaar - Chair 
33. ECSA, European Composer & Songwriter Alliance, Alfons Karabuda - President 
34. ESPEK, Association of Greek Film Directors-Producers, Greece - Elina Psykou - President 
35. Estonian Filmmakers Union, Estonia - Alvar Kõue - Chairman 
36. EWC European Writers' Council, Gunnar Ardelius - President 
37. FAGA, Foro de Asociaciones de Quionistas audiovisuals, Ana Hormaechea, President 
38. FEMA, Federación Espanola de Músicos Asociados, Spain - Iván García-Pelayo - International Affairs Reprensentative 
39. FERA, Federation of European Film and TV Directors - Dan Clifton - Chair 
40. FLAC, Fédération Luxembourgeoise des auteurs et compositeurs, Luxembourg - Roby Steinmetzer - President 
41. Flemish Writers' Association (Vlaamse Auteurs Vereniging, VAV), Belgium - Natalie Ariën - coordinator 
42. Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan - Huseyn Mehdiyev - Chairman 
43. The Finnish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild, Finland - Ms Sonia Meltt - Executive Director 
44. The Finnish Music Creators FMC, Finland - Kaija Kärkinen - Chair of the Board 
45. Galician Language Writers Association, Galicia-Spain - Cesáreo Sánchez Iglesias -President 
46. The German Writers' Union, Germany, Lena Falkenhagen - Chairwoman. 
47. La Guilde Française des Scénaristes, France, Denis Goulette - Executive Officer 
48. Greek Directors’ Guild, Greece - Haris Papadopoulos - Chairman 
49. Groupe 25 Images, France - Claire De La Rochefoucauld & Arnaud Selignac - Presidents 
50. Hellenic Authors' Society, Greece - Yiorgos Chouliaras - President 
51. Hrvatsko društvo skladatelja, Croatian Composers Society, Croatia - Ante Pecotić - President 
52. The Icelandic Dramatists Union, FLH (Félag leikskálda og handritshöfunda), Margrét Örnólfsdóttir, Chairman 
53. IMAGO, International Federation of Cinematographers - Paul René Roestad - President 
54. The Irish Writers' Union, Ireland, Lissa Oliver & Phil Mac Giolla Bháin, Co-Chairpersons 
55. Israel Directors Guild, Israel - Limor Pinhasov, Chairwoman 
56. LARS, Luxembourgish Association of Film Directors and Scriptwriters, Luxembourg - Claude Lahr, President 
57. Latvian Filmmakers Union, Latvia - Ieva Romanova - Chair 
58. Lithuanian Filmmakers Union, Lithuania - Arūnas Matelis - President 
59. Magyar Zeneszerzők Egyesülete, Hungarian Composers' Union, Hungary - Máté Hollós - President 
60. Musimagen - Asociation of Audiovisual composers of Spain, Darío Palomo - President 
61. National Society of Greek Authors, Greece, Eleni Kekropoulou, Vice-President 
62. Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers, the Netherlands, Pieter Bart Korthuis -Chairman 
63. NFF, Norwegian Film Makers Association, Norway - Sverre Pedersen - President 
64. NFR, Norske Filmregissører, Norway - Marianne Kleven, Chair 
65. Nieuw Geneco, Nieuw Genootschap Nederlandse Componisten, Netherland - Felix Rottenberg - Chair, Esther Gottschalk - Director 
66. NOPA, The Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists, Norway, Ingrid Kindem - Chair 
67. Norsk Komponistforeningen, Norwegian Society of Composers, Norway, Jørgen Karlstrøm - Chairman of the Board 
68. ÖGZM, Österreichische Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Musik - Austria, Dr. Morgana Petrik - Präsident 
69. ÖKB, Österreichischer Komponistenbund, Austria - Alexander Kukelka - President 
70. PDM, Producers and Directors of Montenegro - Montenegro - Ivan Djurovic, President 
71. Portuguese Society of Authors (SPA), Portugal, José Jorge Letria - President. 
72. Rättighetsbolaget/Rights Manager of the Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film, Sweden - Anna Carlson, President 
73. Sanasto, Finnish Literary Copyright Society, Finland - Anne Salomaa - Executive Director 
74. Scenario, Switzerland - Jacqueline Surchat - Coordinator 
75. SCGI, Screen Composers Guild of Ireland, Ireland - Sarah Glennane - CEO 
76. SDGI, Screen Directors Guild of Ireland, Ireland-Maurice Sweeney - Chairman 
77. Screenwriters Circle of the Polish Filmmakers Association, Poland, Maciej Karpinski - President 
78. Scriptwriters Guild of Greece, Greece - Alexander Kakavas - President 
79. SFP, Stowarzyszenie Filmowców Polskich/Polish Filmmakers Association, Poland - Jacek Bromski - President 
80. SKAP, The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, Sweden - Alfons Karabuda - Chair 
81. SKL, Samtök kvikmyndaleikstjóra/Film Directors Guild of Iceland, Iceland - Dagur Kári Pétursson - Chairman 
82. SNAC, Syndicat National des auteurs et des compositeurs, France - Pierre-André Athané - President 
83. Society of Authors (SoA), United Kingdom, Nicola Solomon - Chief Executive 
84. The Society of Finnish Composers, Finland - Antti Auvinen - Chairman of the Board 
85. The Society of Slovene Composers, Slovenia, Nenad First - President 
86. Society of Swedish Authors in Finland, Finland - Peter Sandström - President 
87. SPID, Croatian screenwriters and playwrights guild, (Croatian screenwriters and playwrights guild), Croatia, Zinka Kiseljak - President 
88. SRF, Société des Réalisateurs de Films, France - Marie Amachoukeli, Bertrand Bonello, Christophe Ruggia, Co-Presidents 
89. Suomen elokuvaohjaajaliitto SELO ry, Finland - Sakari Kirjavainen, Chair 
90. The Swedish Association of Educational Writers, Sweden - Wiwi Ahlberg, Chair-person 
91. Swedish Film Directors, Sweden - Maria Eriksson-Hecht & Göran Du Rees - Presidents 
92. The Swedish Writers' Union, Sweden - Grethe Rottböll - President 
93. Teaterförbundet, The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film, Sweden - Simon Norrthon, President 
94. Tónskáldafélag Íslands - Icelandic Composers' Society, Þórunn Gréta Sigurðardóttir - Chairperson 
95. UCMF, Union des Compositeurs de Musiques de Films, France, Béatrice Thiriet - Présidente 
96. UNAC, Union Nationale des Auteurs et Compositeurs, France - Olivier Delevingne - President 
97. U.N.C.L.A, Unione Nazionale Compositori Librettisti Autori, Italy, Giuseppe Amendola - Secretary General 
98. Unie van Regisseurs vzw - Belgium/Flanders - Jin Berghmans, CEO 
99. Verband Deutscher Drehbuchautoren e.V., Screenwriter’s Guild of Germany, Germany - Sebastian Andrae, Prof. Peter Henning - Executive Board Members 
100. Vlaamse Scenaristengilde / Flemish Screenwriters Guild, Belgium - Michel Sabbe & Dirk Nielandt 
101. WGGB, Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, UK - Ellie Peers - General Secretary, Gail Renard - Chair 
102. Writers’ Guild of Ireland, Ireland - Thomas McLaughlin - Chairman 
103. The Writers’ Guild of Norway, Norway, Monica Boracco - Chair
104. Writers Guild of Sweden, Sweden, Pia Gradvall - Chair
105. The Writers’ Union of Iceland - Iceland, Ragnheidur Tryggvadottir - Executive Manager
106. The Writers’ Union of Romania, Romania, Razvan Voncu - Director for International Programs
107. Zwiazek Polskich Autorow, Kompozytorow, Poland - Marek Hojda- Vice-President
108. Zwiazek Kompozytorow Polskich, The Polish Composers’ Union, Poland - Mieczyslaw Kominek Ph.D. - President



20 mars, 2019